We provide special programs with high added value, where the target group or problem exceeds traditional development solutions and an individual approach is needed. The elite consulting team of KANOA guarantees the highest quality results.

  1. We possess significant experience in the field of training and consulting on a regional basis, in addition to Hungary, our domestic market. We utilize the advantages of our international background in all of our assignments.
  2. Our references are very diverse, ranging from small businesses to branches of multinational companies. Consequently, our portfolio of services spans from programs of 1-2 days to complex projects lasting several hundred days.
  3. We completed trainings covering more than 15.000 associates and leaders, which provides us immeasurable experience concerning the complex cooperation with individuals, teams, corporate cultures and leaders.
  4. Our solutions consist of more than one hundred programs and services, supplying a vast offer for dealing with very diverse issues and challenges in business operations.
  5. Our quality control system assures equally high standard of services for both smaller and larger assignments.
  6. Our institution and programs are accredited by the relevant authorities in Hungary, providing expanded financing opportunities for our clients.
  7. Our Assistance Division is unique in the region and it offers support solutions that enhance the positive long term effects of change.
  8. All of our trainers and consultants are educated senior experts with international experience.
  9. All of our program have been developed throughout the years utilizing domestic and international trends and have been carefully tested in practice. Our programs are measurable and results are guaranteed.
  10. We always target long term relationships with our partners. We thrive to understand the corporate culture and the typical situations necessary for the successful implementation of our programs, hence ensuring customized solutions.