How we work

It starts with client objectives and ends with evaluation based on measuring results.


We build synergies. What we learn during working with sports people we build into organizational development. What we bring from business we put into art. We use our experience from helping artists to unchain motivational blocks of sportspeople. The main focus in each case is unleashing talent and increasing efficiency for reaching highest objectives.


Whether your objective is increasing profitability, developing quality of team work, overall training of management or increasing client satisfaction, the premium team of Kanoa helps to turn organizational strategy into an everyday practice.


I. Understanding business process and client needs

II. Re-setting objectives

III. Breaking down strategic level needs into well-defined developmental steps

IV. Preparation for Programs and change

Personal and group interviews with participants: analyzing materials, on-the-job experience; knowledge test, competency tests (on-line, off-line)

V. Implementation – delivering programs

VI. Measuring results, follow-up

Happy sheet; Training protocol; Measuring knowledge; Mini projects; Consultants’ summary