On our programs we focus on supporting working individuals, organizational environment and the work of HR.

Our solutions focus on the following areas:

  • Increasing profitability
  • Developing the quality of cooperation and teamwork
  • Overall training of organizational management
  • Increasing the efficiency of sales
  • Developing client satisfaction


Basic principles / requirements during the development process

Supporting organizational environment

A similar program do not follow organizational hierarchy, not a compulsory element of the management task. Strong basis are needed and also a supporting organizational environment created. Its most important element is to win supporters, most typically top management and the unified, focused communication of the program.


Goal-oriented and well-monitored processes

Successful processes require good relations and mutual professional work, where responsibility is taken by all participating individuals equally.


Ongoing motivation

Projects not directly connecting to work can lose priority with time. Thus, its essential to reach that the process lasts till its life cycle and also to provide conditions for forming a long term vision for the future.


Basic process of a typical development: 
  1. Getting support from top management and making it visible
  2. Program owners and external experts agree on the framework of their co-operation
  3. Setting objectives
  4. Planning
  5. Communication towards the organization
  6. Preparation program
  7. Supervision and network building
  8. Monitoring and evaluation

 Off-the-shelf efficiency development programs 

  • Crisis in the team – Crisis intervention and management
  • Mentality development „camp” – with the help of a Bear Grylls Survival Academy trainer (outdoor)
  • Premium top management workshops – efficiency development for the company elite
  • On the job mastery – increasing results in specific situations in the working environment
  • Developing talents and motivation with the help of art